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Taxi Alpin

Taxi Alpin – Switzerland Mobility (the Swiss Alpine Taxi) bridges the distance between the last railway station and the mountains. Local taxis, pre-bookable busses and cable cars help you to reach even the most remote mountain destination in an environmentally friendly way. Both nature and the local population benefit from such a respectful mode of transport. This is one of the goals of mountain wilderness swiss, a non-profit organisation. (in french or german)
Please note: When using the AlpenTaxi, take care to inform yourself in time on the respective route, timetable, meeting point, luggage transport and the price. Like this, you can flexibly shorten or extend your stay.
The partnership between AlpenTaxi and SwitzerlandMobility will simplify the utilisation of the service. will be integrated in the well-known web-map of SwitzerlandMobility. Enjoy the ride! Your AlpenTaxi

web-map of SwitzerlandMobility