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Ennenda (Aeugsten)–Ennenda (Aeugsten)

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For hiking, follow the logo indicated on the yellow signposts. Take a printout of our web map on your hike for safety's sake.

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This hike passes through the Tectonic Arena Sardona world heritage site and offers pristine natural scenery and views into the Linth valley. Parts of this trail are bordered by a grotesque looking former pine forest, which was destroyed by bark beetles.
The loop trail begins at the Aeugstenbahn mountain station near Bärenboden with panoramic views far across the southern Glarus region. A short, but steep ascent leads to the Aeugstenhütte mountain inn and continues further up to the gamekeeper's hut. This is where the local gamekeeper stays if he cannot or prefers not to return to the valley after making his rounds in the Schilt game reserve. Take your binoculars along for a closer view of the wide variety of wildlife. Glarus and Glarus South are located below and to the south, and to the north, the gray rock wall of Schilt mountain rises up. In the mornings and evenings chamois and ibex are usually seen grazing at the foot of the mountain and attracting many hikers because they show no fear. The loop trail is marked with Wanderland Schweiz signs and green stickers labeled Holzflue-Rundweg. It leads through the Äugstenwald forest via Holzflue to Alp Beglingen and continues via Schwiböden back to Bärenboden and the mountain station.
4 km
Hiking time:
Ennenda (Aeugsten)–Ennenda (Aeugsten): 1 h 45 min
Ennenda (Aeugsten)–Ennenda (Aeugsten): 1 h 45 min
medium (mountain hiking trail)
Height difference:
Ennenda (Aeugsten)–Ennenda (Aeugsten): 330 m
Ennenda (Aeugsten)–Ennenda (Aeugsten): 330 m

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Arrival / return travel Ennenda, Seilbahn
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