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Sentier du Creux du Van

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Grand Canyon Neuchâtel Jura «Creux du Van»

Grand Canyon Neuchâtel Jura «Creux du Van»

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This hike will bring you to the impressive natural rock cirque Creux du Van. This regional icon has been created by the eroding power of water and ice centuries ago. On top, a breathtaking panoramic view is expecting the hiker. It is also a nature reservation area.
A hundred meters east from Noiraigue railway station, cross the tracks and take the road of the Ferme Robert. The path starts on the right when entering the forest and leads to Les Oeuillons for a welcome stop before starting the ascent of the “14-curve path” leading to the Soliat. The route goes along the ridge of the Creux du Van where a rich Alpine flora grows: anemones, asters and gentians.

At the east point, at the very end of this natural semicircle, get over the wall and carry on as far as the farm “La Grand’ Vy”. Go down towards Pré au Favre. Turn left and go down the field up to the forest. A steep stone path leads to the Ferme Robert, a typical 1750 farmhouse, where it is possible to have something to eat. Walk along the car park and take the path leading to Noiraigue. When coming out of the forest, a tarred road leads to the railway station.
14 km
Hiking time:
Noiraigue–Noiraigue: 4 h 20 min
Noiraigue–Noiraigue: 4 h 30 min
easy (hiking trail)
Height difference:
Noiraigue–Noiraigue: 950 m
Noiraigue–Noiraigue: 950 m

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Arrival / return travel Noiraigue
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From Noiraigue, follow the signposts to "Ferme Robert", "Les Oeuillons", "Le Soliat", "La Grand Vy", "Pré au Favre", "Ferme Robert" and "Noiraigue".
Tourisme Neuchâtelois
Hôtel des Postes
2000 Neuchâtel
Tel. +41 (0)32 889 68 90
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Ferme Restaurant le Soliat
Ferme Restaurant le Soliat
Restaurant la Baronne
Restaurant la Baronne
Café-Restaurant la Grand'Vy
Café-Restaurant la Grand'Vy
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