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Panoramaweg Grimmialp

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Round trip hike in the picturesque region of the Diemtigtal. An unique mountain range with luscious green meadows, small waterfalls and little springs.
Starting from the Grimmialp leads a trail to the Stierenberg area where you have a magnificent panorama view. In the winter months you are able to ski.

It is a small climb on the broad mountain trail it to the Grimmi. 1840 above sea level are small mountain lakes and a little off to the side you find the red springs which contain ferriferous water. That water was used as a healing tonic at the spa at Grimmialp.

Before your descend from the Grimmi you might want to take time for a snack break. If you get lucky you are able to watch domestic «Gemsen» (mountain goats). On the way back the trail leads pass the the play ground and adventure trail Grimmimutz.
10 km
Hiking time:
Grimmialp–Grimmialp: 4 h 00 min
Grimmialp–Grimmialp: 4 h 00 min
medium (mountain hiking trail)
Height difference:
Grimmialp–Grimmialp: 650 m
Grimmialp–Grimmialp: 650 m

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Arrival / return travel Schwenden i. D., Winteregg
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From the bus stop Hotel Spillgerten follow the signs to Grimmialp towards Nidegg. At the intersection Nidegg follow the sign until Uelis Grimmi. There you go towards Grimmi-furggi down to the Grimmi, Türli and Würzi to the bus station Schwenden Grimmialp.
The descent form the Grimmi to the Nideggwald is very steep and can be slip-pery when wet.
Diemtigtal Tourismus
3757 Oey
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Hotel Kurhaus Grimmialp
Hotel Kurhaus Grimmialp
Schwenden im Diemtigtal
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