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  • 590 Höhenweg Maderanertal

  • 590 Höhenweg Maderanertal

Höhenweg Maderanertal

Golzern (Bergstation)–Bristen (Talstation Golzern)

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Tolle Hängebrücke, riesige Felsplatten und grosse Spalten

Tolle Hängebrücke, riesige Felsplatten und grosse Spalten

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For hiking, follow the logo indicated on the yellow signposts. Take a printout of our web map on your hike for safety's sake.

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The valley of Maderanertal, world famous due to its natural beauty, opens up in Amsteg and the towering peak of Chli Windgällen and winds itself east ways towards the imposing Huefi glacier, always surrounded by high alpine mountain peaks.
The Maderaner valley is registered in the Swiss federal inventory of landscapes and natural monuments and is famous for its wealth of high alpine scenery, its beautiful mineral rocks and red deer, as well as its picturesque waterfalls. The wild roaring river of Chärstelen flows through the valley which, combined with its wild streams and abundance of herb and flower meadows, shining glaciers and variously shaped mountain peaks, makes it one of the most scenic high valleys of Switzerland.

The gondola Bristen-Golzern saves hikers the two-hour hike up to the start point of the high-altitude track «Maderanertal». From the gondola station the hamlet of Seewen is reached without much effort on the well developed track. That old group of houses including two restaurants is close to the deep blue lake of Golzern. The track continues above the lake in direction to the Windgällenhütte AACZ. Above Würzen at the signposted view point you can see the mountain hotel Maderanertal, which in its time was world famous due to its spectacular location. The high-altitude track then leads through lightly forested mountain side to Steinmannli and from there half an hour up to the Windgällenhütte AACZ.

The Windgällenhütte AACZ towards Balmenegg the high-altitude track offers terrific views of the glacier and the surrounding majestic 3000 m high mountain peaks. Most impressive are the smooth rock towers of Chalchschijen and massive the solid rock bastions of Gross Windgällen, Pucher and of the Gross Ruchen. Also the mountain flora is not understated. A colourful carpet of beautiful alpine flowers borders our high-altitude track. From Tritt the track leads down about a dozen bends to Balmenegg and the mountain hotel, where hikers can stop and rest. From here the track goes down to Balmenschachen and the alp Stössi, where you can buy fine cheese at the small Stössi cheese factory. Following that, the sign points you towards the historical valley track which leads to Lägni via Lungenberg. Completing the track you walk along the wild roaring river of Chärstelen down to the valley station of the gondola.
15 km
Hiking time:
Golzern (Bergstation)–Bristen (Talstation Golzern): 5 h 15 min
Bristen (Talstation Golzern)–Golzern (Bergstation): 5 h 30 min
medium (mountain hiking trail)
Height difference:
Golzern (Bergstation)–Bristen (Talstation Golzern): 650 m
Bristen (Talstation Golzern)–Golzern (Bergstation): 1200 m

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The high-altitude track of Maderanertal is very suitable for a 2-day-track with the options of staying either at the Windgällenhütte AACZ or at the Hotel Maderanertal.
Arrival / return travel Bristen KIBG
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