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Alp- und Kulturweg Schrina

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This route at the bottom of Churfirst allows for unique views of Lake Walen and will becharm every hiker. The route partially follows the «Alpine and Cultural Path Schrina» and offers interesting information on nature and culture.
The walk starts at Walenstadtberg. The village belongs to the community of Walenstadt. Located on the south side of the mountain, the village is blessed with a panorama view of Lake Walen. The mountain path through the so-called «Berger Laui» goes up steeply through a gorge-like forested valley. The path gets flatter and after having passed through another forest, the inn at Alp Tschingla will be reached.

The effort on your way uphill is well worthwhile: From Alp Tschingla an Alpine panorama trail goes to Lake Walen. The route allows for spectacularly close-up views of the Churfirsten rock walls and fjord-like Lake Walen. The alpine region at the bottom of the south side of the Churfirsten mountains is mainly a cultural landscape that has been utilized, cultivated and modified for centuries. There is a smooth transition to the cultural zone of the Alps.

From Schrina Obersäss you will go downhill. At Hochrugg it is worth making a detour to PAXMAL, a temple-like monument, which has been created by Karl Bickel over a period of 25 years. Continue your descent on a narrow mountain path. Above the hospital in Walenstadtberg the path runs again through the forest and finally back to the starting point.
11 km
Hiking time:
Walenstadtberg–Walenstadtberg: 5 h 00 min
Walenstadtberg–Walenstadtberg: 5 h 00 min
medium (mountain hiking trail)
Height difference:
Walenstadtberg–Walenstadtberg: 1000 m
Walenstadtberg–Walenstadtberg: 1000 m

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Arrival / return travel Walenstadtberg, alte Post
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Walenstadtberg Dorf – Rüfenen – Tschingla – Schrina Obersäss - Schrina Hochrugg – Schönegg - Bergerwald – Knoblisbüel – Walenstadtberg Dorf
Alternative: From Alp Tschingla you can take a short cut to Schrina Hochrugg via the «stone seat». The alpine path goes through an exposed and rocky terrain. This path is marked blue and is only suited for hikers who are sure-footed and have a head for heights.
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